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Escaping from it all.

Ever had someone ask how you can sit and read a book for hours? My kids ask all the time.

I recently did some judging for a contest and yesterday I got an email from one of the coordinators asking for some last minute judging. It seems a judge went awol and score sheets needed to be in so they were desperate for any of the judges to do another book or two. Those that know me will know that I read extremely fast so it didn’t both me that it needed to be read and the score sheet sent in by Thursday morning. Well that was yesterday and I’m now half way through the second book. It was while reading this second book that I thought about sitting and reading for hours.

I love it. I open the page and I’m sucked into a whole other world, whether it be set in contemporary time, historical time or in a make believe world the author has invented, it doesn’t matter. When I open up that book my mind is engaged in imagining all the author has discribed. From the looks of the hero and heroine to the place they are, every word has my mind turning and spinning, imagining. If the book is good I’ll get so caught up in the story that I won’t even notice the hours ticking by, in fact I’ll look up a think surely I haven’t been reading for that long. Depending on the author and genre depends on what you get out of the book. It could be a real tearjerker, a nail biting suspense or a light hearted feel good story. Whatever type you choose to read they all have one thing in common. Escaping.

They take you out of your world and into theirs, whether for five minutes or five hours, it doesn’t matter. However long you spend between those pages is an escape from your own world. Everything around you fades away and you spend some time with people you probably wouldn’t meet in your own world. I know I certainly wouldn’t come into contact with a serial killer, or a swashbuckling pirate, or famous rock star, or a multi-millionaire in my real life, but when I open those pages not only do I meet them I can be them. For just that small amount of time I can walk in someone elses shoes, be ravished by a pirate, be swept off my feet by a hunky millionaire or be the stalked victim of a killer.

While I’m in this world that isn’t my own I feel emotions that let me know I’m alive. I feel things that in my normal life I might be too tired to feel because the trudge of everyday life can make you numb, can stop you from embracing the good because of the bad. With everything we have to deal with every day, day after day, the escape you get when opening a book is like a breath of fresh air, a timeout or a long needed holiday. But most of all, even though it’s someone elses words and someone elses world for that small amount of time it yours and yours alone.

So this post is a thank you to all the authors who’ve written a book that I’ve escaped into over the course of my life. Thank you for the breath of fresh air and the break from the real world that I needed. Thank you for allowing my into your world for a small amount of time. Thank you for giving me the strength to return to my own to deal with all that life has thrown my way.

‘See’ ya soon.


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  1. April 8, 2008 at 9:53 am

    Rachel, what a terrific post! I so enjoyed reading it – because, of course, I couldn’t agree more.
    Books have always been my refuge when Real Life became too much. I remember one very bad patch, where I read all of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series one after the other. They are VERY big books, but I was VERY miserable!

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