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Judging the already judged.

The title probably has you scratching your head so let me explain. Earlier in the year an email came through the FAR staff site from one of RWA’s chapters, they were running their yearly contest for published books and wanted readers to be the judges. No I wouldn’t be me if my hand didn’t fly up immediately, especially seeing how it meant getting to read some great books. The chapter was From The Heart Romance Writers and the contest was the Lories. Knowing how quickly I read I dove in feet first and ended up with 12 books. And just over a month to do them. No worries. For those that don’t know what I’m talking about the Lories is a contest for authors to enter their already published books, they decide what genre they put it into so some of the books had me scratching my head at the genre they came to me in. Oh, they all fit, I just thought they’d fit another one better. Then again working for FAR I sometimes scratch my head at the genre a publisher puts a book in. I guess it all comes down to individual interpretation. Back to the judging. It was great, I loved it and I’ve now got some new authors on my TBL (to-buy-list). I even got a little hooked on vampires, which I’ve never been interested in. On deadline day an email went out for anyone able to read some more, apparently a judge went MIA and those books had to be judged sooooo…. you guessed it. Two more books to me! I didn’t envy the coordinators having to add up all the scores and cross check and whatever it was they needed to do but they managed and the results are in. The winners have been posted on the FTHRW website and I was happy to see some familiar books up there. Here’s the link

(Well bugger! We all know I’m a little computer challenged, okay a lot! Jeez, give me a break, I only learnt to email three years ago. Anyway, no idea what I did but it didn’t work so go here: http://www.fthrw.com go to the contest news section and there you’ll find the results. I hope this is gonna work now but then knowing me, sigh. I really should do something about this computer challenged state.)

Pop over there and check them out, if nothing else you’ll get a couple of good book recommendations. I really enjoyed the whole process and would love to do it again but we’ll see what happens, who knows, next year I might not be just a reader.

‘See’ ya soon.


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