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Putting yourself out there.

It’s a scary thing. I mean everyone wants to be liked and as an author not only do you want to be liked you want your writing to be liked. Confused yet? I think I am. LOL

I belong to numerous loops, some for authors and readers, some just readers, some are just authors, and some are for publishing houses, it makes for an awful lot of emails, but it also gets you out there. People start to recognize your name, connect you with other sites or in my case, my work for FAR. It also keeps you up to date on what’s being published, which publishers are good to work with, which ones are great to work with. It connects you to competitions, whether you’re looking to enter or judge. It keeps you informed of upcoming conferences and events, special online chats and most of all when you can expect you favorite authors next book.

Last week I was reading posts on the Samhaincafe loop when one caught my eye. It was a question about critic partners, as I’ve been looking for an opportunity to get myself a CP I kept an eye on it to see what would follow. Before anyone asks, yes I have Devon and yes we work great together and that partnership is not in question at all, but Devon already had a CP when we hooked up so I’m second CP, which is great because every little bit helps. But I wanted to have one that would become my main one. I will still send stuff to Devon, in fact she’s really the only person to have seen my work, well you guys have seen the piece on here but other than that I’ve enter a couple of contest and that’s it. Putting your stuff, and ultimately yourself, out there is scary. What if people don’t like it? What if they don’t like you? It takes balls to face that kind of rejection everyday and as an author that’s what we do every time we put something out there. Jeez can anyone say masochist? Is that even the right word? Now there’s a big fear for an author, am I using the right word and more importantly is it spelt right? Will I come off as someone who knows what she’s talking about or will I look like someone that owns a really big dictionary and pours over the pages regularly? (By the way, does anyone know where spell check went in here?)

I seem to have gotten off track a bit haven’t I? Back to the loop discussion. The CP question got asked and some nice authors answered and then another new author, and I say new because her first book came out just last month, popped up and said she was really glad someone had asked this question because she’d always wondered how you went about getting one. Now I had to scratch my head because I honestly thought that most writers hooked up with their CP’s long before they hit the published status, apparently not. This is where the putting yourself out there bit really comes in, I mulled over it for a few days but I finally sucked in a breath and emailed the author. Nervous? Much! I really didn’t expect anything to happen I just hoped that at least I might get another great author friend out of it. I’ve got so many of them now and they’re all such generous individuals which should have clued me in.

Imagine my surprise when I got an email back that same night. Remember I’m on the other side of the world from the US so time zones often result in lengthy waits for replies, except of course the night dwellers. Yes Nic, I’m talking about you. I won’t share the whole email, just the bit that really made me smile and get all giddy like a kid at Christmas.

“You made my day!”

I made her day? OMG! I made her day!

She’s keen to give been CP’s a go! So we swapped some info, checked each other out and then (shuddering) handed over some work to see if the fit might be right. Because the fit has to be right. You both have to have common interests and goals, be supportive and understanding, be motivating and of course the wearer of the boot when your partner needs a kick in the rear. It sounds a lot like a marriage and in a way it is. So far we’re doing okay, lots of similarities between us and I’m loving the work she’s sent me, plus I had to go buy her first book. (Yes, hello, my name is Rachel and I’m a bookaholic.) I tried to grab it when it came through FAR but I missed it, and I didn’t even know her then! We’re just starting out but I’m really optimistic about it and I’m hoping that I’ve connected with a great CP. Did I mention she’s an english teacher/librarian? But best of all I’m pretty sure I’ve connected with another really great friend.

Without anymore talking, because you know I’m just gonna keep going if someone doesn’t stop me, let me introduce my new friend.

Mari Carr, author of Erotic Research available from Samhain Publishing. (yeah, I’m gonna give you the link, well I’ll try. Last time I screwed it up.) http://samhainpublishing.com/romance/erotic-research
Also here’s her blog, http://www.maricarr.blogspot.com (It’s in the sidebar too)
She doesn’t have her website yet but it’s coming and as soon as it’s ready I’ll add the link to the sidebar.

I finished reading Erotic Research early this morning and I loved it, can’t wait to get into helping her get a book ready for publication. I’m excited and that’s good because it means I’ll be enthusiastic about working on my own stuff as well as Mari’s and together we might just make both our dreams come true. And hopefully, with Mari wearing the boot, I’ll finally be brave enough to actually send something off in the very near future.

‘See’ ya soon.


** Editors note ** Damn it! I still can’t get the link thing right! sigh! (hanging head in shame)
And what’s going on with the paragraph spacing? Jeez.

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  1. April 25, 2008 at 7:38 am

    I know I left you a comment on your other blog but couldn’t help myself, if I’m blog hopping I just had to hop over here. Well after I helped hubby feed the horses.

    Anyway I glad you have a new friend and CP. I’ll go over and say hi on her blog as well and tell her just how wonderful you are. hehehe.

    I know what you mean about groups, I’m on so many loops it’s not funny, half the time I don’t get to post on a lot of them. I keep saying I’ll do better and make more of an effort then I get caught up with my writing it all goes out the window.

    Have a great weekend.


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