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CAT-astrophes and other unrelated disasters.

About six weeks ago we found ourselves the reluctant, I mean, proud guardians of two very young kittens. At around four weeks of age they were extremely small identical balls of fur, they have since grown, thank God! It’s quite scary having something smaller than your foot running around the house. The girls adopted them and they were named Boost and Malteaser. Brother and sister have been doing well, until yesterday. Boost took sick, throwing up and not drinking she shrunk to half her size in 24 hours. Lucky me got voted to take her to the vet this morning. Now we don’t own a car here in Singapore and having never taken a pet to the vet in any other form of transport I was a little nervous about getting in a cab with her. So wrapped in a towel (the cat not me) we went to the vet and the driver didn’t bat an eyelid when I got in with the little thing in my arms. Now Boost was not overly impressed by this excursion, but managed to hold her dignity long enough to get in the vets front door. From there all bets were off. With much yowling, scratching and climbing onto my head she voiced her displeasure. And this was all before the vet started with the poking and prodding, not to mention the indignity of having her temperature taken. I’m certainly in the bad books after allowing the vet to force feed her a tablet and give her a shot. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. (If I say that often enough will I eventually believe it?) Unable to discover her exact ailment the vet has come to the conclusion that it’s highly likely she’s managed to eat something she shouldn’t. Oh, and the vet is 100% certain that she is a HE! Oh, oh! But last time….. Well, it’s difficult to tell at this age and as he’s only about 8 or 9 weeks old… What? She, I mean He should be about 10 to 11!
Apparently not!
So our babies are younger than we thought and I’m glad I had no idea how young they were at first or I’d have freaked at the thought of them dying on us. Three hourly feeds were bad enough when I thought they were 4 weeks old!

All drugged up we left the vet. By then of course it looked like rain so cabs were scarce, I started walking home with Boost wrapped in his towel in my arms. Ever tried to juggle a kitten, a handbag and an umbrella? Not easy. Well I couldn’t even manage it so I stopped at the bus stop opened my handbag and dumped Boost inside. Before you all freak out, it’s a big bag and I didn’t do it up. He promptly went to sleep. CAT-astrophe dealt with by midday!

Now, baby hamsters. Just getting fur, moving around a little and stinking the house out. We can’t touch them or the cage, or mom will turn carnivore. Yep, get any scent on them and she’ll eat them. If only child control were that easy. Kidding! One has it’s eyes open but the rest wriggle around without the benefit of sight. Mom is pretty good so far, occasionally she gets the shits and just gets up and walks away. Usually there’s at least one stubborn bugger still attached but she doesn’t let that stop her, she just keeps going til they drop off. Unrelated desaster not so bad. Yet! Let’s see how bad the place really smells in another couple of weeks.

Fridge door. Well, um… I broke it. Yep, me. sigh! Well not really, the hinge that holds the damn thing on has rusted through and when you open the door it drops about two inches. Consequently you have to lift and push the door against the frame to close it. Ever tried that? Nope. Well don’t bother, it’s hard. Real hard. Now imagine doing it with all the shelves full. Mmmm….. 11 year olds can’t. Even this 39 year old struggles. The repair man says we just need a new door. Cool, how long? Oh, well…. (this is where I’m thinking this is not going to be good) about four to eight weeks. What? You’re joking? Asian repair man doesn’t understand this question, humor unfortunately doesn’t travel the language barrier very well. Seeing how the fridge belongs to the landlord I’ve got no option but to do as he requests. Repair the door. I’m thinking the man needs to come over here and be our fridge door closer for the duration. I’m also thinking the door must be coming from the other side of the world. But alas, no. It’s coming from Korea. And we all know that’s sooooo far from Singapore. Unrelated disaster dealt with but still unsolved. Do you people have any idea how many times you open a fridge in a day?

So after my eventful day I’ve done no editing. Which sucks! I had the day all set aside just for that. Better luck tomorrow. Maybe. Hopefully. Better be!

‘See’ ya soon.


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