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No news is good news, right?

May 28, 2008 2 comments

Right? I mean if I haven’t heard then it hasn’t been rejected, right? RIGHT?

This is far worse than I had imagined, maybe it was because the week of my submission was a non-stop roller coaster ride then the in-laws were here for a visit and we played tour guide for over a week. Now they’re gone and it’s just sooooo quiet and I have way too much time to think about it all now. I know the editor doesn’t just have my submission, she has other submissions plus all her existing writers to look after. I’ll cut her some slack, I will honest, but in the mean time; COULD YOU HURRY UP!!! Please!

Can you tell patience is not one of my strong suits. Well, I don’t even have that suit! But I most go buy one because that’s what this industry is all about. Waiting. Waiting to finish your wip. Waiting to get the CP’s thoughts. Waiting to hear from your editor when you submit it. Waiting for edits if they buy it. Waiting for cover art. Waiting for release date. Waiting to see how well it sells. Mmmmm…… I see a pattern here. I’m not that fond of patterns.

If I want this I need to wait. Be patient. Think good thoughts. Write more stories. Wait to finish those stories. Wait for the editor to get back when I submit the stories. Wait for……  Oh dear! Could someone stop the merry-go-round?

Well I’m waiting. Not so patiently but I’m waiting.

‘See’ ya.


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Rhian broadcasts live!

May 21, 2008 Leave a comment

Well, it’s all happening. Today Rhian’s website is up and ready for visitors. I’m pretty impressed with it, I built it myself. I’ve used all my own photos, I’ve been storing them for months now getting ready for the big day. It’s not finished, there are more pages to add but for now it’s there for all the world to see.

Go and have a look then let me know what you think.

‘See’ ya soon.


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Rhian Cahill goes live!

May 16, 2008 Leave a comment

In case you missed the new link in the sidebar Rhian now has a blog.

I’ve managed to do up a couple of pages (in-between chewing my nails off), one is an excerpt page where I’ve been so kind as to put the prologue for the ms currently sitting on the editors desk. Go check it out, oh, and leave a comment on what you think of the blog.


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Who hit the fast forward button??

May 15, 2008 9 comments

I’ve been quiet since returning from Manila, not because of the sore throat I ended up with but because Sunday was Mother’s Day and this year Mother’s Day turned out very special. I didn’t turn the computer on until almost lunch time. Hey, couldn’t knock back the 11 year old making me breakfast in bed! Anyway, I opened my emails, saw the number and thought everyone had been having a party without me. I quickly scanned the names and subjects and when I came across a name I didn’t know I read the subject. Are you interested in submitting? Well yeah, but who besides those companies after your money to ‘help’ you get published sends out emails? I was gonna spam box it. Not even sure what stopped me. I didn’t though.

I actually left it for over an hour, which I feel really bad about now, but I did open it. It was an editor with an epublisher that’s well known, not one of the really large ones but large enough. She’d come across me through a writing friend of mine and popped over here. After reading my excerpt she thought my story would fit in the line she edits for. If I was interest send a query/synopsis as per guidelines but put her name in the query saying she’d requested my work. Needless to say I screamed the house down, Hubby and son 1 came running and because I couldn’t speak just point at the monitor I got that look. You know the one, the ‘oh…… she’s finally lost it’ one. Getting the word read out is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I’ve given birth to four children naturally!

Umm….. Helllloooooo. Am I going to let this particular red carpet go unwalked? Hell no! It was a good thing I’d done some bare bones structure of a synopsis while I was away in Manila. It took me most of Sunday and Monday to be happy with not just the synopsis but the query as well. It took five minutes to press the send button on that email. But I did it and they had my query first thing Monday morning their time, that’s the one bonus of being at least twelve hours ahead of the US. I can’t exactly work out the days because Tuesday for the US is Wednesday for Singapore but I’ll say two days later I got the request for the first three chapters. Today I go the request for the full.

I don’t think I’ve breathed since Sunday and my feet haven’t touched the ground at all today. I don’t care if it gets rejected, at this point I’ve got to the stage we all want to get to, having the whole story under the editors eyes. This is my first. First everything. And that’s the hard part, there are things you don’t know, things you can’t know until you’re here. Now I’ve hit a snag in the plans I’d made for publication. I want to published under my own name, and I will, just not this story. I wanted to use Rachel C because it’s what I’m known as but that has problems and is really close to my real name. I need a new one!

Yesterday, after much debate and rearranging of letters I came up with my pen name. For the first name I took one letter from each of my family’s first names and for the last name I took the first letter of my married and middle names and added them to my maiden name.

Rhian Cahill.

I’m in the process of getting blog and email set up, while chewing my nails off over the submission, and I’ll let everyone know when they’re up and running. I’ll still be handing around here because I will continue to write the stories that I’ll publish under Rachel Charlton. But for my Erotic Romance I’ll use Rhian Cahill.

Back to writing, I need to get going on Flash Point so I’ve got something else to send out soon. And this lovely red carpet is just the incentive a writer needs to go without food, water and sleep.

‘See’ ya soon!


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Book Cover Gods Smiling.

May 11, 2008 1 comment

How cool is this cover? Devon certainly got lucky. Addicted still doesn’t have a release date but the fact that it’s on the coming soon pages at The Wild Rose Press says it can’t be that long before we get one. It’s all very exciting, this book is the first one I’ve followed from start to finish (I know we’re not quite finished but you know what I mean) and I’ve loved watching it grow. Now if I can just get as lucky when my turn comes……

‘See’ ya soon.


Edited to let you know Devon has a book trailer; 

Go check it out!!! It’s great. Allie Boniface made it and I’m thinking she’s a very talented woman.

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I just had to show off.

May 9, 2008 2 comments

Hey, check me out. I’m in Manila! I convinced the hotel that Internet access was a must and here I am. I’ve been working, did plenty yesterday to give myself the reward of getting on-line. Wish I hadn’t when I opened my in-box to 187 emails. What’s with you people? Don’t you know you’re not supposed to have a life without me? LOL

Thought I’d post a pic. It’s the first time I’ve put on in a post. I’ve got my photo page now but that took me forever to work out. Let’s see if I can master the pic in a post thingy.

OMG! Did it work? I’ve got to publish it yet but it’s looking promising.

I’ve scored myself a lovely throat infection that is putting a crimp in my little hol but I’m sure not being able to swallow your own spit can’t be too bad. Can it? I was pretty pissed last night when I couldn’t order the BLT on the bar menu but this morning when I couldn’t swallow at all was a real kicker. I thought about opening a vein and getting my morning tea that way. I’m nothing without my morning cuppa. Hubby took of for work real quick.

Okay, back to work, Hubby wants to go for a massage again tonight. After last night the man thinks one everyday would be a good thing. I think I’ll just get a foot one tonight. Being practically naked couldn’t help with the sore throat.

‘See’ ya soon.


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Food for the Muse.

May 7, 2008 Leave a comment

Don’t you just love gathering ideas to write about? I got plenty in Bangkok last month and I think the new character playing in my head has sprung from that trip. She’s interesting and annoying and at the same time I feel really sorry for her. (Long story, you’ll get it eventually.) Anyway, my next trip to feed the muse is Manila. Or Clark. It used to be the US base. We’re actually staying on what was the base because that’s where UPS is. I’m planning on taking lots of pix and because we’re there through Saturday I’ll get to spend the day exploring with Hubby.

I’ve got big plans for this time away. Writing. Lots of it. I’m taking the laptop but don’t know if I’ll have internet access or not, I’m hoping not. That way I can concentrate on the writing without the distractions. I’ve packed the iPAQ which is loaded with books and I’m planning to do nothing else. Not that I do much anyway, but there always seems to be a distraction of some kind here at home.

Like today, footy day. the youngest has footy and I go and watch. The problem is that Midge is just that, tiny. He’s about half the size of the boys he plays with and against. As a mother it scary to watch he get tackled. If anyone bothered to take their eyes of the game and look at me they’d find me with my eyes squeezed shut a lot of the time. Tomorrow is training but I don’t have to go. I can’t, and I think being out of the country is a valid excuse.

I’m going to make the most of these couple of days because as of next week we’ll be going none stop. My in-laws are arriving, then there friends arrive, then my son’s girlfriends step-father arrives (confused?) all at the same time. All staying with us!!! I’m tired just thinking about it.

If I don’t have Internet access I’ll catch you all when I get back. And if I do I just might broadcast live from Clark. LOL

‘See’ ya soon.


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