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Fear Factor!

No it’s not a TV show. I’m talking about fear and what it does to us. It guides us, motivates us, or has us shivering in a corner.

Today NJ Walters has a blog post on the Samhain blog about fear. http://samhainpublishing.com/blog/2008/05/03/fear 

Go over and check out what she has to say, I can’t praise her enough. I love her books and her wit, and it’s such a thrill and a privilege to be able to spend time with her on the net.

I jumped a big fear myself in the last couple of days. You know I finished the second draft of On A Wing And A Prayer (that name really is too long, I’m thinking of changing it), I did the final read through and then before I could stop myself I sent it to my CP’s. It might have been 2am here but it was only 2pm the day before where they are. That’s if I got the time zone thing right. It’s the whole story. Except the epilogue, but I don’t want to write that until I know certain parts of the story won’t be removed. I’m now trying to get back into writing Flash Point, but that Lux just won’t leave me alone. sigh! (the muse has a lot to answer for)

I blogged over on my Rachel C site about my fear and why it’s so great, go over and have a read. It’s even got porn! (I bet that has you intrigued.)

I’m suffering from sleep deprivation because Hubby’s been away for a week. He’s back today! YAY! Maybe I’ll get more than two hours sleep tonight.

‘See’ ya soon.


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