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Going live!

It can be scary all the things you need to do to further your writing career. There’s not just writing the story, I’ve discovered that part is easy, it’s everything that comes after that. There’s the edit/polish, then there’s the giving it to someone else to look at, very vomit inducing, more edit/polish and finally sending it off to a publisher. Now the really hard part begins. If they reject it your life is over, well, not quite but it comes close. If they want to read the full ms well, let’s just say that bucket is filling up fast. They might ask you to revise and re-submit, revise? But I polished the best I could already. Then of course, not that I know first hand but I’ve been told, they’ll be edits again before it goes to print. And I’m sure that’s not all of it. But that’s just one book! There’s also all the other stuff you have to do to promote ‘you’, the writer. Plus the book, or books. Promo sounds daunting. It can be simple, like this blog and joining some eloop groups or even going to face to face author goups. And that’s not even mentioning all the reader places you can visit. The idea though is to get your name out there. You know, spread the word about you and what you do.

The hardest decision to make is whether to spend money before you start making money. Having your own website is a big cost that some people just can’t afford or don’t want to do in case they don’t make their goal of getting published. Me? I’m in both catagories. Yeah, I can afford to spend the money, probably, but that second catagory tells me it’s a waste of money. Call me insecure, I know I am. When it comes to this part of me, my writing, I am sooooo insecure it’s laughable. So laugh away and when you’re done we’ll get back to it. Better? I have tried to make up for it by doing other things, this blog and my other one among them, and I have to admit that my name is getting out there. My family would probably say that’s because I’m loud and you can’t ignore me. But if I want to make a name as a writer then I have to look at that as an asset. No comments please.

Today my CP, Mari Carr, went live with her website. There’s a link in the sidebar but here have another one. www.maricarr.com

Her site looks really good, it made me feel like I was looking at photos of a really great holiday. It’s fresh and light and not too many bells and whistles to slow it down. I really hate it when a site takes forever to load because of all the bells and whistles. Anyway, Mari chose not to get her site going before publication, so then when her book came out it was a mad dash to get it happening. With everything else I’ve heard that goes on when you’re trying to get a book to print I’m not sure I want to be caught in that mad dash. I already have a good idea of what I want. I have a file full of photos to use, which are all homemade so to speak. I’m planning to have my family involved even if it is just by using one of their photos. You can be the judge on whether they’re good enough. All the photos on this site are taken by my family or me. Including the one in the header.

So the goal now, especially seeing how the early verdict on On A Wing And A Prayer is good, is to get the website going. I’m sure I’ll be blogging more about it as I’m bound to get frustrated and need to whine about it. In the mean time it’s there, my little domain name, there’s not much to see but you can see it. I love that. Little me has a web address, just for me!

‘See’ ya soon.


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