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Food for the Muse.

Don’t you just love gathering ideas to write about? I got plenty in Bangkok last month and I think the new character playing in my head has sprung from that trip. She’s interesting and annoying and at the same time I feel really sorry for her. (Long story, you’ll get it eventually.) Anyway, my next trip to feed the muse is Manila. Or Clark. It used to be the US base. We’re actually staying on what was the base because that’s where UPS is. I’m planning on taking lots of pix and because we’re there through Saturday I’ll get to spend the day exploring with Hubby.

I’ve got big plans for this time away. Writing. Lots of it. I’m taking the laptop but don’t know if I’ll have internet access or not, I’m hoping not. That way I can concentrate on the writing without the distractions. I’ve packed the iPAQ which is loaded with books and I’m planning to do nothing else. Not that I do much anyway, but there always seems to be a distraction of some kind here at home.

Like today, footy day. the youngest has footy and I go and watch. The problem is that Midge is just that, tiny. He’s about half the size of the boys he plays with and against. As a mother it scary to watch he get tackled. If anyone bothered to take their eyes of the game and look at me they’d find me with my eyes squeezed shut a lot of the time. Tomorrow is training but I don’t have to go. I can’t, and I think being out of the country is a valid excuse.

I’m going to make the most of these couple of days because as of next week we’ll be going none stop. My in-laws are arriving, then there friends arrive, then my son’s girlfriends step-father arrives (confused?) all at the same time. All staying with us!!! I’m tired just thinking about it.

If I don’t have Internet access I’ll catch you all when I get back. And if I do I just might broadcast live from Clark. LOL

‘See’ ya soon.


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