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Feeding the muse.

June 18, 2008 1 comment

Everything in life feeds the muse. In some way we take what we see, what we do or things that happen to us and use them in our writing. Well, I do, don’t know about anyone else. So what’s happened in the last week to feed the muse. Jeez, where to start?

Four day romantic get away with love of life. Doing whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. Drinking moet, lazing by the pool, trips to the spa for massages, staying in bed and watchin’ too much TV and eating just about anything you can think of. Pretty good food for the muse, especially the trips to the spa, all sorts of ideas there. We’ll call this the love and laughter staple.

Missing child who hasn’t taken her phone and no one knows where she’s toddled off to. (Nice way to arrive home.) At least they’d seen her that morning, she can’t be far. We’ll call this the suspense staple.

Cat vomiting over laptop. Jeez, what can I say here except, ‘thank God it wasn’t mine!’? No files backed up. And they say kids are computer smart these days. We’ll call this the tragedy staple.

Found, one nasty letter to father about how her life sucks and she hates living here, school and she has no friends and we don’t care and thanks for wrecking my life P.S. I love you. What the…? We’ll call this the drama staple.

Found, one missing child. Where have you been? “Down with my friends.” Huh! What friends? (refer to previous paragraph) We’ll call this the lie staple.

Sent, one evil, nasty email to mother, “I never wanna talk to you again. EVA!!” What the hell did I do now? We’ll call this the confuse the enemy staple. (well we did think it was all dad’s fault)

Girly time. Mental health day taken. Purpose? To get to the bottom of ‘life sucks’ and get laptop looked at. By end of day girl acting like nothing is really wrong and laptop has new keyboard and working fine. We’ll call this the resolution staple.

So the muse has had, love and laughter, suspense, tragedy, drama, lies, confusion and resolution. Damn, sounds like a story to me. When did my life turn into a book? All this has gone on since Thursday last week, and most of it in the last 48 hours! Maybe I should quit writing fiction and write non-fiction? It seems like I’ve got all the ingredients right inside my own house. And this is why I like books. When it all gets too much I can just close the book and walk away. Can’t do that on life. I guess I’ll just have to write about it.

‘See’ ya soon.


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Change of direction.

June 11, 2008 1 comment

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been struck with more back trouble and headaches than I care to talk about. So I won’t.

I’ve made a decision about where to take Rachel Charlton as an author. I’m pulling out a wip that I put on hold when we moved up here to Singapore, it’s a two book story so it’s quite complicated and I’m venturing into uncharted territory. Plotting! It’s kind of necessary for this story to work, no, it is necessary. Without it I won’t be able to keep track of the characters that show up in both books or the time line of events. I’m surprised at how much I’ve already written in both stories, a lot is by long hand so it’ll take a while to put it in the computer but the bonus of that is I can edit a little while I do it. Once I get it sorted I’ll put up a excerpt.

On a personal note, it’s my 20th wedding anniversary on Saturday the 14th. Hubby and I are taking off tomorrow for 4 days of relaxing by the pool. No kids. They’re staying home with big brother in charge (scary). I’m planning on writing and reading, hubby’s planning on reading. I’m only going to check email once a day, just to keep on top of it. So I’ll be around on the loops just not actively participating. I guess I should think about what to pack, oh, not clothes, that’s easy. I need to work out what writing things I need to take with me. The laptop, the PDA, a notebook and the all important USB.

‘See’ ya soon.


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Still here.

June 3, 2008 1 comment

I’m here, surviving. Actually, when I think about it I had a both sides of the coin week. The editor got back to me about my story, I worked on my new wip and I had the migraine from hell thanks to my bad back.

So, the editor. She’s asked for some changes. Just little bits, moving things forward in the story so as not to lose the reader, leave some back-story out, makes sense really. I just gotta do it. And I would have if I hadn’t got the email on the third day of the bad back headache thingy. Then if I hadn’t been doing what a 39 year old woman should know better about, I wouldn’t have slipped on a wet surface and really pulled my back. Of course that meant I took a trip to migraine hell and spent two days drugged up with pain pills trying to keep going. So I’ll be getting to those requests today.

Sunday was the beginning of the 50ksIn30days. Remember the insane group of Aussies trying to write 50,000 words in the month of June? Well, I got 2,000 words on Sunday. They’re good, keep the story going and are keepers. Monday, second day of migraine city visit I got just over 2,000 words done. They’re….. well, they’re there. On the page in black and white. I did them. They suck. They’re going in the bin. Actually, they’re already gone. Word of advice, never, I repeat, NEVER, write under the influence of pain medication! Oh, unless you want to write a fantasy novel, then by all means pop them pills.

Today is day three of the 50k and I really need to make up for what I’ve dumped and get to those edit requests. Lucky Hubby’s away for a few days and the kids are all at school so I shouldn’t have too much trouble getting back on track now that I’ve moved on from migraine hell.

‘See’ ya soon.


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