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If you knew the truth…..

Stormy Warning

Stormy Warning

What do you think the people of that plane would feel if they could see what I can? Obviously they didn’t have any problems so would knowing what they were flying into have done them any good? Or is the saying, “what they don’t know can’t hurt them” true? I’m not a good flier, I get sick, but I can tell you know if I’d been on that plane and known about that storm I’d have been freaking big time. I remember coming back from Australia last January and landing in Singapore in a lightning storm, if I’d known before hand I would have needed more than the two tablets I took before the flight. This view by the way, is out of my window from my desk. (If you can’t see the plane it’s in the top left part of the pic.)

So, writing. Yes, well, no closer to working out what to do with the Dead series. I’m fiddling with it again today, maybe I’ll come to a conclusion by the end of the day. Or maybe I just need to write and worry about it all later. Some of it will overlap and occur at the same time, so I need to write it at the same time if it’s going to be two books anyway. Should I be like the people in that plane? Worry about it if something goes wrong? But then, there’s a lot to be said about being prepared. What to do? What to do?

I guess I’ll get doing it.


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