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Putting it out there.

Condo Pools

Condo Pools

It’s not the best photo and you can only see three of the five pools but this is what the grounds look like. The kids love the diving pool, they’ve spent many hours trying to out do each other in there.
I finally got around to putting up an excerpt. I removed the other one because it’s no longer going to be published under Rachel Charlton. This is part of the Dead series that’s giving me grief. I still can’t decide on the one v’s two book thing but I’m plodding along and getting words down which is the main thing. Have a read and let me know what you think.
Today’s weather has been a bit crappy, it’s rained nearly all day but that doesn’t mean it cool down any. No we’re still hanging around the 30 degrees Celcius and because of the rain we can’t open the windows to make the most of the breeze. I don’t mind, it’s better than being cold. I hate the cold.
Hope you had a great weekend and the start to your week goes well.
‘See’ ya soon.
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