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Don’t I have enough to worry about?

Merlion Fountain

Merlion Fountain

This is the Merlion you’ll find down at Marina Bay. It’s not the best area at the moment, lots of building going on around there. But it’s actually quite nice to just sit and watch the Merlion spit into the bay.

So here I am debating on whether or not the Dead story is a series or one book, I’ve been going though scenes and trying to work out if there’s enough to carry two stories and I was still undecided. Until today. Today I’m in the cab with the Kid on our way to pick up Princess One from the airport, she’s just got back from four weeks in Australia, and for some reason and no it had nothing to do with the fact I was zoning out on the Kid, I listen to every word that boy says. So anyway, I start thinking about the first scene I ever wrote for this story, in it we start with a woman that only graces the story for those few pages. She was never going to be more than that. That was my plan but Mr. Accidental Serial Killer has other ideas it would seem. Yep, he’s decided that after the botched attempt to find his runaway wife (no bit of paper’s gonna tell him she’s his ex) he needs to exact a little revenge. Plus, she’s the only person who can tell him where the wife is. Then in walks this cop, oh, he was there before but only as a brief mention, well now it seems he’s coming to the rescue of this particular woman and wouldn’t you know it, now I’ve got three stories.

I swear, I’m finding a rock and hiding under the damn thing. This is going to take me forever. I know it. I can’t see myself getting anywhere fast. The problem is this new one will have to be the first book. And it’s got nothing written!!!! I know, I know, so write it. Yeah, yeah, I hear ya but can you yell a little louder because the muse is down stairs lazing by the pool. And okay, so he looks hot laying down there all bronzed muscles, glistening in the sun and oh man, when he pulls himself up out of that pool after a quick cool off. See, now there he goes again, distracting me. Sheesh! The man is lethal! Back to what we were talking about, the Dead series is definitely a series. And yes I’ll get working on them. But don’t hold your breath because Mr. Muse just motioned Tom over and they both just took their damn shirts off. sigh. The writers life is hard.

‘See’ ya soon.


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