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New Release!

August 1, 2008 Leave a comment
August 1st is a special day around here. My wonderful CP Devon Gray has her first book released today. Addicted is a great book. (I’ve read it so I should know.) It’s hot and you just can’t put it down. You can find it at The Wild Rose Press – The Wilder Roses. You can find out more about Devon here or here.
ADDICTED by Devon Gray

ADDICTED by Devon Gray


Lose Control. Lose Yourself. Get Addicted.It seemed like a great idea at the time–escaping for a summer with my best friend, leaving behind a job I hated and all my indecisiveness. Three months in a small beach town would clear my head, brighten my outlook on the future, guide me in the right direction.

I had no way of knowing what that summer would bring. The things I would be capable of, the lengths to which I’d end up going , the intensity with which I would yearn. I had no way of knowing about him.

He came into my life like a summer storm–sudden, intense, with a threat of danger; flooding my senses until I was drowning in him. The problem with addiction? You crave what you need…whether it is good for you or not.



Well? What you still doing here? Go and buy the book!

‘See’ ya soon.


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