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I know I haven’t been here in a while. I’ve got life stuff taking up most of my time and energy and I’ve neglected the blog. Sorry. So I’ve done some writing, this suspense series that morphed from 1 book to 2 to 3 is coming along slowly. Very slowly. The third book that popped into my head happens to be the first book and well….  Jolene has some series scary baggage. Real bad shit that keeps her closed off in every way but one. She’s opened her home women in need of shelter and manages to give them back some of their self esteem while having a very low view of herself. It’s hard to get into her head. I see her and feel her but feeling her ain’t a good thing. She cuts my heart open. I’m not sure I’m ready to write her story but as she needs to come before Del or Dover I’ve got no choice. So these books are on the back burner for a couple of weeks. I’m busy writing a couple of stories and an editor requested rewrite for my other self. One story in particular is light and lifts the dark cloud that Jolene puts me under. But I do know that I need to tell her story and as much as I think it’s going to be hard I’m looking forward to the challenge.

On to the title of this post. LINDA WINFREE is an amazing author. She writes romantic suspense and her first book WHAT MATTERED MOST was my first taste of her work. One book and Linda was instantly on my most by authors list. She followed this heart-wrenching tale with the first book in her HEARTS OF THE SOUTH series, TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES, HIS ORDINARY LIFE, HOLD ON TO ME, ANYTHING BUT MINE, MEMORIES OF US and HEARTS AWAKENED. I dare anyone to read any one of these books and walk away unaffected. Linda has you riding the emotional roller coaster with her very real characters. I’ve reviewed all but one of her books now and I have to say I’ve never read an author who can portray her characters so well. They’re real. Not just an image in your head, she paints them with such color and depth that you’d swear she’s writing about real people. Holding nothing back is another of her admirable traits. She’s not afraid to deal with the tough decisions, the tough subjects of everyday life. Her characters always get their HEA but she makes them work damn hard to get there. And as a reader you’re pulled into the world of her making with such ease that even when you’re crying your eyes out and reaching for the tissues you can’t put the book down. Head over to her website and check her out. Click on any one of the books names above to be taken to her publishers site. I can’t recommend her books enough, and as HEARTS AWAKENED only released on Sept 2nd I know I’ve got a long wait for the next one. I’ll leave you with the blurb for HEARTS AWAKENED.

Hearts Awakened


HEARTS AWAKENED by Linda Winfree

It’s not the past that wounds us…it’s the ghosts we hold on to.

Hearts of the South Book 6

A lifetime ago Mark Cook’s pregnant wife vanished, taking everything and leaving an empty, aching hole in his life. Since then, as penance for his failure as a husband and father, he’s refused to allow himself to live. Refused to lay his sleeping heart on the line for any woman.

Enter Tori Calvert, his best friend’s baby sister. Suddenly, against his will—and against his better judgment—that same damaged heart seems determined to reawaken. And Mark’s not sure he can withstand the pain.

When she was a teenager, a vicious attack ripped away Tori’s very essence as a woman. Finally she feels ready to focus her existence on something other than her job as a rape crisis counselor. And to step outside the shelter of her loving, protective family. She trusts Mark more than any man, yet fear holds her back.

Fear that even the healing light of love may not be enough to banish the shadows of the past


Go see what you’re missing.


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    I agree, Lin ROCKS!!! 🙂

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