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Can we do that again?!

The Tribe

The Tribe

L to R :- Son#1’s Girl, Son#1, The Kid (in front), Princess & the Pea (blondie in back), Princess One (in front), Me and Hubby. How huge is the Grand Canyon??? You see pictures and it doesn’t look real but seeing the real thing has you rubbing you eyes and blinking to make sure what you’re seeing is actually there. It just doesn’t look real. It’s awe inspiring.

The trip was THE best thing we’ve ever done as a family. Sure we’ve taken holidays before but nothing like this one and I doubt we’ll be doing another on this scale again. (I have heard murmurings of China but shh…. don’t tell Hubby) Our aim was to just enjoy, forget about everything else in our lives and just take in everything we could, do everything we could, go everywhere we could, oh, and eat everything we could. Would you believe we even had a list of foods to try while we were in the US? LOL  It wasn’t just my luggage that weighed more!

I’ve been going through the almost 10,000 photos we took and deciding which ones to blog and which ones to delete. I’ve discovered I really don’t like my photo being taken, especially close-ups. Oh, and those pounds the camera is supposed to put on you? Well someone stole mine. I swear in a couple of photos I couldn’t even tell it was me! My gluten free diet went out the window too. Do you know how hard it is to find food without gluten? Especially when the Tribe insists on dining at McDonald’s on a regular basis.

I’m trying to get back into ‘real’ life but I have to say I think ‘real’ life is overrated. No wonder I make up worlds of my own. I’m tired and cranky and still jet-lagged and I really don’t want to deal with the lead up to Christmas and getting ready to go to Australia for a month but as it’s the one time of year we see our family back home I’ll suck it up and get on with it. But really, I’d much rather do it all again!

‘See’ ya soon.


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