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What day is it?

Best feet forward!

Best feet forward!

Cute photo. Can’t remember who came up with the idea but it’s definitely a cool one. I’m thinking this is the one I want in my special San Francisco photo frame I bought for on my desk. I still can’t believe we actually walked all the way up and all the way down Lombard Street.

Life is busy and I’m finding I’ve got way too many pans on the fire to stop them all from boiling over. My mood isn’t helping. *sigh* But you know what? It’s only about 7 weeks until we fly to Sydney to spend Christmas with the family. 7 weeks!?!? I’m not ready! I’ve got to plan for being away from the computer, I’ve got to plan for the girls NOT being away from the computer, I need to make sure nothing is left undone that needs to be done before I go AND I’ve got to pack all the Christmas pressies! Damn! I don’t even HAVE all the pressies! I guess this means I’m going shopping.

The Princesses started home schooling (hence the need for computer in Oz) on Monday this week. It’s been great. They love it. I love it. And we’re not arguing over homework, well we are but that’s me and The Kid, different story. They’re enthusiastic, they like spending time on their lessons and they’re meeting new friends. Princess & The Pea met a boy who’s in Hong Kong but from Colorado in her English lesson and they’ve been talking on msn since then. I’m actually looking forward to the weekend because we have to hatch shrimp so they can do their biology lesson on Monday. Hatch shrimp?! This is gonna be fun. I’ll just need to keep the A-grade biology student Son#1 and Hubby from taking over. LOL

I’m doing a beta read/crit for a fellow writer. It’s a romantic suspense and it’s taking me longer than normal to do. Oh, not because it’s that bad, no, this thing rocks! I love it! I want to read the one she wrote before this one. I’m not sure where she is in the submission stage but I know she’s gonna get published. I love it. Did I say that already? Anyway, I ‘met’ Cynthia on the forum over at Romance Divas and you can check her story out here. Really go check her out. Now I need to get back to her book so I can talk her into letting me read the first one.

My writing is going….  nowhere. Yep, it’s running round in circles. In my head! *sigh* Doesn’t matter how often I sit down to write it never comes out the it needs to. I’m thinking it’s because there’s so much going on at the moment and I’d like to say it’ll get better when things settle down but I’ve got a feeling I’ve said that before. A lot. I’ve got Nano coming up and I’m signed up but I don’t know if maybe it’ll be another fail this year. I know that’s not good thinking negative but I look at what I’ve got going on and I look at that number of words and I think, no way. We’ll see, I’m not pulling out of it. I’m teaming up with the usual suspects again and we’re using the 50k blog for our team cheers and general bitchin’. The girls would miss me if I wasn’t there to get them in trouble or take the blame. Although we’ve got a couple of newbies that are proving to be just as naughty. LOL I’ll put in the effort and see where it gets me.

‘See’ ya soon.


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