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It’s that time again.

Nanowrimo is on!!!

Nanowrimo is on!!!

Nano is here again!!!

November 1st it’s bums in seats and fingers on keyboards. In 30 days you’ll have 50,000 words and hopefully a story worth salvaging. Last years Nano effort got sideswiped partway in. Yep, run off the road and left in a ditch. Not this year. After my effort in June for our 50k challenge I’m confident I’ll pass that Nano finish line this year. I just have to decide which story to write on. There’s plenty for me to pick from, between Rachel and Rhian I have a great selection. LOL

Anyway, I’m off to bed now so I can get an early start in the morning. The Kid is out and about tonight and tomorrow until late so I’ve got plenty of time to get a good start on things. I’m aiming for 2,000 words a day so I’m well clear of the 50,000 mark if I write every day, if not I’ll have some room to wiggle.

‘See’ ya soon. (with an update)


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