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Bad, bad me.

January 22, 2009 1 comment

I’ve been soooo neglectful over here. I’m sorry, really I am. And I promise to do better from now on. The end of last year was a bit of a shambles for me and well, I honestly just couldn’t be bothered. But here I am and I have a plan. Yes, me the eternal pantser has a plan. Now I just have to stick to it, and so far I’m doing pretty good with doing just that.

Let’s start with some exciting news. I entered the Karin Tabke First Line contest again last year and what do you know, we’re down to 45 lines and I’m still in! Yay me! I’ve confused the issue completely though because last time I entered I entered under Rachel Charlton with a story that will (optimistic thinking) be published under Rhian Cahill. This time I’ve entered under Rhian Cahill with something that will be published under Rachel Charlton. Have I confused you yet? No? Good, then explain it to me will ya? LOL So anyway, fingers are crossed for me making to the final five. Oh, wouldn’t that be nice? If you want to get a taste of my entry you can go read excerpt 1 or head over to Karin’s blog.

My CP, Mari Carr is still in as well and so is my good Aussie mate Sandie Hudson. You should pop over and check out their stuff too.

Back to the plans. I’m setting myself a goal list everyday and making it a list of 4 with 2 spare. The aim is to do the 4 and the 2 move onto the next day and so far I’ve managed to get my 4 done by the time I hit the pillow at night. I’m pretty impressed with myself even if no one else is. The other plan I have is to be here more regularly. Like at least once a week. Today is the beginning.

Oh, and I’ve done some rearranging too! Well, just some little things but I’ve added the second excerpt and I’ll be adding more throughout the year to show progress on Dead Wrong. Which I might add seems to be coming along well. I guess I should get back to it then.

‘See ya soon!’


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