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Spotlight Sunday

This weeks spotlight is Jambrea Jo Jones.

She’s talented and has many disguises but the one I like best is friend. Earlier this year Jambrea decided to push herself as a writer and write a novel length story. Semper Fi – Magnus started out as a contest entry and after lots of panic over whether she’d be able to make the length I offered to be her counter. Okay so I bullied her into it, same thing. *grin* Every week she would send me a new chapter and if I didn’t get it I’d harass her until I did. *shrug* It’s a hard job but someone has to do it. LOL

Jambrea finished the story and it’s so damn good that Liquid Silver Books has picked it up. Yay!!! No release date yet but I can’t wait to see this story published. I love Mag. The man is smokin’ hawt! Oh and Em’s okay to. *giggle* Now Jambrea is planning a whole series of Semper Fi stories and yes *hangs head in shame* I’ve offered to be her counter again. It’s best to be consistent with these things I’ve found. *BWG*

Available now:-


Runaway Man

Dismayed when the full moon reveals his lover’s secret, Butch runs instead of facing his fears. Fate crashes into his life when a train ride goes horribly wrong. Now Butch must face the truth–or will tragedy intervene yet again, separating the lovers forever?

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