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Life kicks my butt!

Honestly I’m totally over having so much to do. I cannot catch my breath. It’s all good stuff but man I gotta say I need a break! Just a little time to get more than half a job done before I need to more onto the next one. The writing is going well. Managed to finish the first draft of bk1 in the shifter series that will be pub’d under Rhian Cahill and so far the CP’s have liked it without pointing out any major holes that need filling. Should have that off to an editor by the end of the week. I started a new short that is already a third done, go me!, and I’m hoping to sub that by the end of next month. Should be starting back on the romantic suspense series in the next month or so too. I’m putting together a schedule and locking the door to my office so I stick to it. (the locked door will keep the Tribe out. *grin*)

Other than that, the Tribe is taking up lots of time with the start of the new school year for the Princesses, The Kid entering wake boarding contests and Son#1 and Lady-in-waiting studying hard for their university degrees. Hubby has managed to travel less in the last month as his parents have been here visiting, they leave tonight. We’re doing the normal round up of things getting ready for Christmas and all that involves. So you see, busy, busy, busy.

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