Excerpt 2.

****As usual a warning; the following has themes of an adult nature please leave if you are under 18.****

I promised a couple of weeks ago to get a new excerpt up and here it is. This is from Dead First and is unedited.

     The hair along Del’s neck fluttered in the light breeze; with her hair up in a bun for work her neck was exposed. She wasn’t going to fool herself; the fine hairs had already been standing on end, her skin covered in goose bumps.

She was being watched.

     It had happened before. Last week while bent over into the freezer section at the supermarket she’d gotten a chill, like someone had walked over her grave. Thinking it the cold air she’d kept shopping, only to get the same feeling as she took a box of cereal off the shelf. Looking up she caught a blurred vision of someone ducking around the end of the isle. After that she’d been more aware, more watchful.

     Had he found her? She knew the dangers, knew what could go wrong if things didn’t go the way she planned, but damn it! She wasn’t ready; she still had things to organized, courage to build. Most of all she had to get her most prized possession into hiding. How had he found her so soon?

But now, in the parking lot of where she worked, with the sun slowly giving way to the moon, she knew without doubt, he was watched her. She needed to get to her car, get inside and lock the doors. Just a few more feet to safety.

Gravel crunched beneath heavy boots, pings sounded as the little stones hit nearby cars. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a large bulky mass coming at her. A scream burst from her throat as he grabbed her and flung her against a car, the air exploded from her lungs on impact. She sucked in a breath and screamed again, and kept screaming. She struggled to free herself from his iron like grip, but he used his size to pin her against the cold metal.

“Stop it bitch! You thought you’d got away from me didn’t you? Stupid bitch! You know you can never escape me. I own you.”

His voice was harsh and hearing the anger in it sent shivers down her spine. Her ears rang and it took a second for her to realize it was the sound of her own scream.

She was still screaming.

Footsteps sounded off to the right, coming from the direction of the club. Other voices began to register. Someone was coming to help her. The yelling and the sound of running feet was enough of a distraction for his grip to loosen. She managed to pull free, throwing herself into the gap between the cars. She landed on her hands and knees, hard, gravel bit into her flesh. He lunged toward her, grabbed hold of her bun and dragged her head back. Her hair pulled free, some ripping out at the roots.

Someone shouted. She couldn’t make out the words. His grip tightened, pulling out more hair and snapping her head further back on her shoulders. Tears stung her eyes, blurred her vision. Hot stale breath fanned across her face, filling her nostrils with an odor that caused her stomach to roll.

His face inches from hers. The angry fire in his eyes and the twist of his features was enough for her to know that he’d make her pay for this. If he found out he would kill them both.

She’d waited too long. She’d been too complacent, too sure of all her precautions. He wasn’t supposed to find her yet. Not until she was ready.

A siren pierced the air, slashing through the early evening air.

“Bitch! You’ll pay for this.” More hot stale breath filled her nostrils making her retch. He shoved her head forward, snapping her teeth together with the unexpected move. Her jaw vibrated, pain rippling through her skull; the metallic taste of blood filled her mouth. She’d bitten her tongue.

His boot connected with her back, pushed her chest into the gravel, as he jumped over her and sprinted toward the back of the parking lot, away from the club and the people coming to her rescue. He couldn’t get away; the whole place was fenced by seven feet of steel. Then again he could probably jump it. For now though she was safe, they were safe.

But for how long?



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